BetterHelp Virtual Therapy – Get Help When and Where You Need It

Mental health affects every aspect of our lives. In the workplace, where stress and deadlines can take a toll, it’s especially important to pay attention to your well-being.

What is BetterHelp?

Through your program, you have access to confidential virtual therapy, provided by BetterHelp, at no cost to you. Counseling is available for the entire family— individuals, couples and teens (with parental consent and in accordance with applicable law and clinical appropriateness).

You can choose from one of four modalities:

  • Text messaging exchange over a week
  • Live phone session
  • Live video session
  • Live chat session

You can also toggle between modalities while in therapy. For example, you can choose to chat with a therapist online one week and schedule a video session the next week.

How does it work?

Call your program phone number (1-800-424-4831) to get started. A clinician will ask questions to understand your unique situation and, if appropriate, refer you to BetterHelp. The referral form will generate an email to you with a unique link to complete a questionnaire.

You will complete the questionnaire and be matched with a provider. Typically, you can begin communicating with a provider within 24 hours of completing the questionnaire.

Ready to get started? Call your program (1-800-424-4831) to begin improving your mental well-being.

View the BetterHelp flyer to learn more.