The Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

LifestyleMedicineClinic_Vertical_RGBA new trend in health care is showing promising results in preventing, treating and even reversing many chronic conditions. It’s not a new drug or a new procedure- it’s Lifestyle Medicine! Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as eating a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet, getting regular physical activity, adequate sleep, managing stress and avoiding use of risky substances, to treat, reverse, and prevent chronic disease. According to the World Health Organization, lifestyle medicine has the potential to prevent 80% of the heart attacks, strokes and diagnoses of type 2 diabetes as well as 40% of the cancer cases we see worldwide.

A healthy lifestyle in the modern era is no easy task. People are less active, more stressed and consuming more processed foods than ever before.

Sound familiar? Want to make a change?

The Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at Creighton University is here to help you get started. The program (formerly called the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk Reduction Programs) employs the use of licensed pharmacists who specialize in lifestyle medicine to help you make sustainable changes in your behavior that support a healthy lifestyle.

As a participant of the program, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching, a personalized lifestyle medicine program and are eligible for additional resources (home blood pressure monitor, pedometer and financial assistance with qualifying medications). The program is available to eligible employees at no charge.

To learn more and see if you qualify please visit: Lifestyle Medicine at Creighton University or contact Nicole D. White, PharmD, CDE at [email protected] or 402-280-2797.