Still Recruiting: Health Careers Opportunity Program Recruiting

Creighton University’s Pipeline to Success Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) allows students the opportunity to develop the skills required to successfully compete for, enter and ultimately graduate from health professional school where, through programmatic activities/resources, access, education and training is provided to EACH student enrolled in the program.

We are looking to recruit 25 undergraduate students to participate in our upcoming 2021 Online Structured Summer Program. Application season is officially OPEN. The 2021 Online Structured Summer Program is a structured, six-week program (Monday-Friday) that provides a plethora of academic enrichment opportunities where students partake in virtual classroom instruction focused on upper-level mathematics/science/reading/writing, standardized test preparation, various health-related workshops, professional development seminars, virtual clinical shadowing, virtual field trips and much more. Sessions begin Monday, June 7, and end Friday, July 16.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Now … the sooner, the better, since we only have 25 undergraduate slots available – they can go pretty fast.

STIPEND: $2,640 (undergraduate) for the entire six-week session.

Click here to view the program webpage which includes additional information as it pertains to HCOP at Creighton University.


HCOP Brochure

HCOP Student Application Checklist

HCOP Student Application

Additional application checklist items can be uploaded within the application system or emailed to:

Email: [email protected]

For answers to additional questions, please call: 678.687.2398 or 612.701.2615