2020/2021 Holiday Closing Schedule for Executive Vice President’s Areas


Area/Department Name Contact Information
Executive Vice President’s Office Closed 12/23 through 1/3. Emails will be monitored.
Facilities Management Office closed 12/21 through 1/3. Call (402) 280-2780 - the phone is forwarded to Public Safety. Only emergency services will be provided.
Card Services Closed 12/23 through 1/3. Voice mail at (402) 280-4700 will be monitored daily. On Call – Brenda Hovden (402) 699-4648.
Central Receiving Closed 12/23 through 1/3. See Mail Services for other details.
Mail Services Closed 12/23 through 1/3 except for Thursday, Dec. 31 from 8 am to noon. P.O. Box pickup and deliveries to the Medical Dean’s Office, Jesuit Community and University Relations only. All other departments must pick up mail before noon at 1006 N 20th St. Emergency contact: Brenda Hovden (402) 699-4648.
Human Resources/Payroll Closed 12/21 through 1/3. For emergency situations, contact Beth Thomas (402-981-1219); Molly Billings (402) 981-7236. For Payroll Issues, contact Tom Drzaic (402) 506-0903.
Child Development Center Closed 12/23 through 1/3.
Information Technology Limited staff available on 12/21 and 12/22 supporting normal channels, including the help desk. Closed 12/23 through 1/3. For emergencies, contact 402-280-1111 and select option 9 for our support partner TierPoint. If required, they will follow their escalation process, contact our on-call technician, and forward the details.
Internal Audit Closed 12/23 through 1/3.
Operations Continuous Improvement Closed 12/23 through 1/3.
Public Safety On-duty throughout the holidays. Call (402) 280-2911 for emergencies. Call (402) 280-2104 for business. Access to the Public Safety building for emergencies only.
Environmental Health & Safety On call: Justin Burgett (402) 510-2032 or John Baxter (402)-510-1998.
Shuttle/Fleet Campus Shuttle resumes on Jan. 25 at 6 a.m. Voice mail at the following numbers will be monitored: Mark Simanek (402) 680-5061 or Mike Willey (402) 650-7610.
University Communications and Marketing Closed 12/21 through 1/3. For media inquiries, contact Cindy Workman at 402-637-1142. For all other emergencies contact: Heidi Grunkemeyer at 402-618-7142.
Finance Areas
Accounting Services Closed 12/23 through 1/3. Email [email protected] with emergencies. This email will be monitored regularly.
Associate VP Finance (Treasury and Endowment Management) Closed 12/23 through 1/3. Email for John Jesse ([email protected]) will be monitored daily.
Bookstore Access the website for holiday hours
Budget, Planning & Analysis Closed 12/23 through 1/3. Email at [email protected] will be monitored daily.
Business Service Center (BSC) Closed 12/23 through 1/3. Voice mail on the BSC main line (402) 280-2920 will be monitored daily. Email at [email protected] will be monitored daily.
Insurance Closed 12/21 through 1/3. For emergencies, contact, Katie Booton at (402) 237-1068. Email at [email protected] will be monitored daily.
Strategic Sourcing (Purchasing) Closed 12/23 through 1/3. Leave a voice message at (402) 280-2920, which will be monitored daily. We will only respond to items that need attention before January 4.