Notice for all Creighton Mac Users on Latest OS Upgrade

Ccatalinaatalina, Apple’s latest operating system (OS) will be released in October. The Division of Information Technology and Library Services (ITLS) is asking all Mac users to think carefully before choosing to upgrade. Potential concerns of upgrading your Mac OS to Catalina include:

  • Older versions of the statistical analysis software, SPSS will fail.
  • SentinelOne antivirus will not work until a compatible version is released.
  • 32-bit apps will no longer work. Check your machine for 32-bit apps.

If you choose to upgrade to Catalina, ITLS cannot roll back the upgrade. It would be necessary for you to start over with an earlier version. All personalized settings would be gone.

Interested in more specifics or have questions, contact your department technical staff or the myIT Service Desk at x1111 or by email at [email protected].