Kingfisher Fellows Announced

Congratulations to the inaugural group of Kingfisher Research and Scholarship Fellows! Throughout the 2019-2020 academic year, they will meet to exchange ideas and workshop one another’s projects, which focus on the theme of “Race, Violence, and Reconciliation.”
  • Mary Lee Brock (NCR Program, Graduate School) and Carol Zuegner, PhD (Dept. of Journalism, Media and Computing)
  • Timothy Dickel, PhD, Dept. of Education
  • Errik Ejike, MPH, Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs
  • Julia Fleming, PhD, Dept. of Theology
  • Pierce Greenberg, PhD, Dept. of Cultural and Social Studies
  • Jacob Idra (Heider College of Business undergraduate student), Samuel Lado Jr. (College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate student), and Lucy Hancock, MA (Global Engagement Office)
  • Palma Joy Strand, JD, NCR Program, Graduate School
  • Erika Kirby, PhD, Dept. of Communication Studies
  • Jacob Rump, PhD, Dept. of Philosophy
  • Pooja Varman, MA; MD student (M2)