McPherson Signs Book Contract, Participates in Symposia and Receives Sabbatical Fellowship

David McPherson, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, has recently signed a contract with Oxford University Press for his second book monograph The Virtues of Limits. This book examines the place of limits within a well-lived human life and develops and defends an original account of “limiting virtues” – namely, humility, reverence, moderation, contentment, neighborliness, and loyalty – in relation to four kinds of limits: existential limits, moral limits, political limits, and economic limits.

McPherson is also participating in two symposia on his previous book Virtue and Meaning: A Neo-Aristotelian Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2020). The first is being published in the Winter 2021 issue of American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, and the second is an Author-meets-Critics session at the Central Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in February, which will also be published eventually.

Lastly, McPherson has received a sabbatical fellowship from the Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization at the University of Colorado, Boulder to extend his sabbatical for a full academic year in order to work on his third book monograph Spiritual Alienation and the Quest for God, which has emerged out of his involvement with the Templeton-funded Quest for God Project.