Social Science Data Lab Faculty, Student Develop Racial Impact Statements

Members of the Social Science Data Lab at Creighton University, Pierce Greenberg, PhD, assistant professor of sociology; Rebecca Murray, PhD, professor of criminal justice; Dawn Irlbeck, PhD, associate professor of criminal justice; Eric Meyer, PhD, resident assistant professor of criminal justice; and student Audrey Greder, all from the Department of Cultural and Social Studies, worked with Nebraska Senators Tony Vargas and Sue Crawford, PhD, professor of political science, to develop a roadmap for Racial Impact Statements for future Nebraska state legislation. The scholars presented their research on Racial Impact Statements to the Nebraska Unicameral Rules Committee on December 4 and the Rules Committee published their report as part of an interim study report on the Nebraska Unicameral website (LR 217 Interim Study Report: The Feasibility of Preparation and Consideration of Racial Impact Statements on Legislation).