Faculty Present Research on Racial Impact Statements to Nebraska Unicameral Rules Committee

Members of the Social Science Data Lab at Creighton University (Pierce Greenberg, PhD, assistant professor of sociology, Rebecca Murray, PhD, professor of criminal justice, Dawn Irlbeck, PhD, associate professor of criminal justice, Eric Meyer, PhD, resident assistant professor of criminal justice, and student Audrey Greder, all from the Department of Cultural and Social Studies) worked with Nebraska Senators Tony Vargas and Sue Crawford, PhD, professor of political science, to develop a roadmap for Racial Impact Statements for future Nebraska state legislation.

The scholars presented their research on Racial Impact Statements to the Nebraska Unicameral Rules Committee on December 4 and the Rules Committee published their report as part of an interim study report on the Nebraska Unicameral website (LR 217 Interim Study Report: The Feasibility of Preparation and Consideration of Racial Impact Statements on Legislation),