Engel Co-Authors Article About Inclusion in Catholic Schools

Max Engel

Max Engel, PhD, assistant professor of education and theology, co-authored a recently published article “Why Inclusion Isn’t Coming, It Is Already Here: Catholic Schools and Inclusive Education”y Here: Catholic Schools and Inclusive Education” in the Journal of Catholic EducationSpecial Issue: Inclusion in Catholic Schools.

Catholic school personnel are increasingly recognizing that many of their students, including students with disabilities, need and benefit from inclusive educational practices. These oftentimes ad hoc practices are motivated by the Catholic identity and mission of the school, as well as the diverse educational needs of students. This article responds to these recognized realities, arguing that Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and the practical reality of academically diverse students requires understanding disability as being unique to each student, though within categories recognized in the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) that serve as starting points for interventions.