Bredhal Published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

CCAS_Bredahl_EricEric Bredahl, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions, published an article in the December issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise entitled “Resistance Training during Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin” (Vol. 52(12):2529-2537,2020). Co-authors included EXS undergraduate students Meghan Wagner, Mackenzie Twaddell, Allison Tigner, Matthew Dovgan, and Wisam Najdawi, and Creighton faculty members Dr. Jake Siedlik, Dr. Joan Eckerson, and Dr. Kristen Drescher. The findings showed that 10 weeks of resistance training increased body mass and muscle strength prior to four weeks of chemotherapy treatment with doxorubicin and attenuated the degree of DOX-induced muscle dysfunction and fatigue compared to animals treated with DOX alone.