PT Faculty Present at Educational Leadership Conference

The American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Academy of Education (APTE) held a virtual education leadership conference in October with the theme, “Excellence in Physical Therapy Education: The Key to Unlocking the Quadruple Aim.” Eight physical therapy faculty members presented on a variety of topics contributing to seven presentations.

Resnik C, Beran-Shepler K, Nordon-Craft A, Schwarz B, Bender D, Crocker A. IPE in the Virtual World. Educational Leadership Conference. Virtual Platform Presentation, October 2020.

Wellmon R, Nordon-Craft A, Beran-Shepler K, Gras L. A Systematic Approach to Using IPE for Scholarly Activities and Promoting Student Learning. Educational Leadership Conference. Milwaukee, WI; Platform Presentation, October 2020.

Peterson J, Schumacher M, Paschal K, Black L, Beran-Shepler, Henkin K. Developing Diverse and Culturally Competent Physical Therapists through Utilization of Rural Clinical Education Experiences. Educational Leadership Conference. Virtual Platform Presentation, October 2020.

Sebelski C, Prokop T, Wilford K, Obert M, Slazman A, Hedmen, L, Cunningham S, Reilly M, Morretta M, Drake S and Gililand S. Clinical Reasoning Consortium: Innovations in the facilitation and assessment of clinical reasoning. Oral presentation at: Education Leadership Conference. October 17, 2020. Virtual Live-Synchronous.

Jensen G, Santasier A, Wainwright S, Huhn K, Jette D, McCallum C. Education Research: How to Begin Your Journey (Mini-GAMER)- workshop; American Physical Therapy Association, Education Leadership Conference. October 2020 (virtual).

Osborne R, Jensen G, Briggs M, Peterson J, Black L, Christensen N, Hartley G, Kraft S, Rapport M. The Time Is Now: A Call to Advance Residency and Fellowship Research; Education Leadership Conference. October 2020 (virtual).

Appling S, Chesbro S, Jensen G, Applebaum D, Larsen D, Meachem C, Timmerberg J. Envisioning the Future of PT Education: Building Our Strategic Path Forward in the Second Century; Education Leadership Conference. October 2020 (virtual).