Space Medicine Receives Boost from Creighton Physics Professor’s Research

CCAS_Ekpenyong_AndrewThe Rev. Andrew Ekpenyong, MS’07, PhD, assistant professor of physics, and research students (both graduates and undergraduates) just published an original scientific research paper in the journal Life, titled “Microgravity Modulates Effects of Chemotherapeutic Drugs on Cancer Cell Migration”, 24 August, 2020 (see They used a NASA developed device, a rotary cell culture system, to create microgravity conditions similar to outer space in his lab at Creighton University and then subjected cancer cells to chemotherapeutic drug treatments mimicking chemotherapy in space. Expert reviewers of the work were full of praise for its potential impact in space medicine. One of the reviewers wrote about the work: “it is one of a handful of studies examining the impact of microgravity exposure to pharmaceutical responsiveness. An area that, in theory, is of increasing importance to the World’s Space Agencies. Thus, the manuscript warrants publication.”