Breland Releases First Album

b9a54ed5-38ea-4a17-9a69-2a478a923ccaA. Barron Breland, DM, chair and professor in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, released his first album on the MSR Classics label. It is entitled Pilgrimage – A Journey in Choral Music. The album was recorded with Breland’s professional ensemble, Résonance, here on Creighton’s campus at St. John’s Church. The centerpiece of the album is one of the iconic staples of 20th-century English choral music, Herbert Howell’s Requiem, and the rest of the repertoire contained on Pilgrimage speaks directly to themes of journeys, whether down to the river to pray, or ‘a-wand ring’ through this world of woe, or echoing the voices of the faithful who live their lives on spiritual pilgrimage to enlightenment and oneness with their chosen Creator in songs of their faith.