Martin’s Art Piece For The Kaneko’s “Tesselation” Project Accepted

TreesJim Martin, PhD, associate professor, EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership program, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School, recently submitted his collage and alcohol ink art piece “Trees” to the Kaneko’s “Tesselation” project and it was accepted in a) an online catalog of pieces; and b) a larger physical installation of all pieces at a later date.

What is the Tessellation Project: We ask you, our creative community, to join us in making a communal artistic expression during this time of physical seclusion and social disruption. As we protect our bodies from contact with the virus, we can use our senses, our artistic natures and our technological conduits to create something beautiful together. The goal of this project is to make a massive communal work of art that combines our unique space, content, and artistic natures to interact and engage, giving inspiration to you and your families isolated at home.