PT Student Awarded Humanities Rehab Scholar

amysamuelsonAmy Samuelson, physical therapy student, Class of 2020 has been awarded the 2020 Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD Humanities in Rehabilitation Scholar Award.

This yearly award is funded by generous donors and Dr. Frank Blanton’s family and championed by his daughter, Sarah Blanton, PT, DPT. The scholarship award is $1,000.

Created by his family, this scholarship honors the life and impact of Frank S. Blanton, Jr. MD by supporting the position of a graduate assistant each year for the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation. Often described as the model of a southern gentleman, Dr. Blanton was known for his keen intellect, continual pursuit of knowledge, and sincere gratitude towards others. As a physician he was respected for both his skill and compassion, understanding that he had as much opportunity to heal with the kindness of his presence as cure with his scalpel. His deep love for the humanities - in particular poetry and literature - brought a beauty and richness to his interaction, helping to forge connections and deepen understanding with others.

Candidates for this scholarship will be chosen based on characteristics that exemplified Dr. Blanton’s life, including dedication to the pursuit of knowledge in the humanities, a keen desire to foster awareness of humanities in health professions and a gentle kindness and compassion in dealing with others.

Blanton commented on Samuelson’s selection, “I have been impressed by your genuine enthusiasm for the humanities and potential intersections with physical therapy.” Further saying, “You constantly sought areas to integrate the humanities in both the classroom and on your clinical rotations.”

Samuelson’s deep compassion, true joy in the beauty of physical therapy and brave leadership made her an outstanding candidate for the Frank S. Blanton, Jr. MD Humanities Scholar Award.