McPherson Publishes Virtue and Meaning: A Neo-Aristotelian Perspective

McPhersonDavid McPherson, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, has published his book Virtue and Meaning: A Neo-Aristotelian Perspective with Cambridge University Press. The book has already received strong endorsements:

“This book is strikingly excellent. It is beautifully argued, fair-minded, and a pleasure to read. It is also the most authentically neo-Aristotelian account of ethics and the moral life that I have read. In making a case for a higher, more noble, more meaningful form of life, it deserves to be widely considered, and I would not be surprised if people someday spoke of it alongside works by G.E.M. Anscombe, Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor, and a few others.”
– Stephen R. Grimm, Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University and series editor of “Guides to the Good Life” (Oxford University Press)

“An original and finely crafted study that takes us way beyond the standard agenda of modern virtue ethics. McPherson persuasively and illuminatingly argues that the human search for fulfillment needs to be understood within a much richer and more resonant framework of objective meaning and value than is allowed for by most contemporary moral philosophers.”
– John Cottingham, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at University of Reading, Honorary Fellow of St. John’s College, Oxford University, and author, most recently, of In Search of the Soul: A Philosophical Essay (Princeton University Press, 2020)