Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Institutional Accreditation Updates

The Accreditation Taskforce Team has been busy working in several areas ensuring requirements are met for University accreditation:

  • Additional Location Request approved for nursing’s new space in Phoenix (led by Dr. Mary Kunes-Connell).
  • Multi Location Visits were completed for both Regis University in Denver, Colorado, and the University of Alaska Anchorage. Dr. Brenda Coppard led and coordinated these visits. Final approval from HLC will be forthcoming.
  • Branch Campus Request/Substantive Change Application for the Phoenix Health Science Building is in process. A working team will begin to draft the request in the Spring of 2020 with plans to submit the HLC Branch Campus Substantive Change Application in the Fall of 2020. The plan is for HLC provisional approval in Spring 2021 that then requires a two-person team site visit once students are in place Fall 2021.
  • HLC Required Year 4 Assurance Review in 2021. The Year 4 Review will address the HLC revised accreditation criteria which goes into effect in September 2020. The HLC task force team will be leading criterion working/writing teams. These teams will begin identifying/updating evidence. The lock down date for Creighton updating our assurance system data/evidence for HLC is July 19, 2021.