Creighton University’s HS-MACA Receives Spirit of Business Award

Spirit of Svc. AwardCongratulations to Creighton University’s Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs Department (HS-MACA) on being selected as the recipient of the Spirit of Business Award by the North Omaha Community Care Council. The recognition ceremony was held on Nov. 8.

The North Omaha Community Care Council (NOCCC) for almost 20 years has served as a mechanism for collaborative efforts to help promote ethnic diversity and cultural understanding in order to improve communication and achieve greater access to affordable and quality health care, education, information, resources, and services for the North Omaha community.

Over the years the NOCCC has identified priority areas regarding access to health care, health disparities, teen pregnancy and sexual health. Today the NOCCC has expanded its leadership board and members to represent over 50 organizations in and around the north Omaha community.