Fall 2019 Academic Service-Learning Faculty

The Office of Academic Service Learning is pleased to recognize 18 Creighton faculty members teaching academic service-learning (AcSL) courses this fall semester.

The courses represent 13 departments, 3 colleges and schools, numerous local, regional, and global community partners, and over 400 undergraduate and graduate students. These educators advance Creighton’s Jesuit, Catholic mission by enhancing academic learning, meeting community-identified goals, and fostering global perspectives through engagement and reflection.

Interested in designating your Spring 2020 course with an academic service-learning attribute? The deadline to submit proposals is Oct. 11. For more information, please visit the Office of Academic Service-Learning page.

Fall 2019 Academic Service-Learning Faculty:

  • Jill Brown, PSY 428, Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology
  • James J. Carney, THL 309, Ultimate Questions: African Theology
  • Daniel DiLeo, JPS/THL 274, Theological Ethics: Community Organizing and Political Advocacy
  • Margarita Dubocq, EDP 461, The Power of One: Poverty, Sustainable Development
  • Laura Finken, PSY A 341A, Infant and Child Development
  • Kelly Gould, CPD 412A, Community Dentistry Field Experience Clinic
  • Thomas Kelly, THL 565, Catholic Social Teaching
  • Maya Khanna, PSY 341B, Infant and Child Development
  • Maria Mena-Bohlke, SPN 313, Advanced Spanish Conversation
  • Stacey Menzel Baker, MKT 473, Marketing Management: Policy and Strategy
  • Amy Nelson, ART 401, Arts and Civic Engagement: Empty Bowls
  • Anne Ozar, PHL 271, Philosophical Ethics: Cortina Community
  • Alex Roedlach, ANT/HAP/SOC 418, Healthcare, Society and Culture
  • Samantha Senda-Cook, COM/EVS 476, National Parks
  • Ryan Spangler, SPN 330, Cuba and the U.S.: Revolution and Restitution
  • Adam Sundberg, EVS/HIS 483, History of Environmental Inequalities
  • Mary Watson, HLM 340, Healthy Eating and Whole Person Health
  • Monica White, SWK 275, Human Behavior and the Social Environment