Dining, Housing and Auxiliary Services Announce Two New Sustainable Practices

Creighton Dining and Housing and Auxiliary Services are pleased to announce two new sustainable practices this year:

  • Collapsible Meal/Shopping Bags: In response to student feedback, and in concert with Creighton Students Union’s 2SI referendum, single-use plastic bags have been eliminated from Creighton Dining locations. This reusable bag is provided to carry items from Simply-To-Go (Grab ‘n Go) in Brandeis Dining Hall and items purchased at Creighton Dining retail locations across campus.
  • Green Box sustainable meal containers are now available at Simply-To-Go. To receive a meal in a clean Green Box container at Simply-To-Go:
    • Dispose of all excess food in the receptacle marked for food waste.
    • Drop your used container in the receptacle marked for Green Box return.
    • Proceed to the counter and ask to receive your meal in a fresh container.

To ensure Green Box availability for all diners, please do not ask for a new container until you’ve returned the container from your previous meal. Green Boxes are coming soon to Wareham Court in the Skutt Student Center.