Graham Presents at 36th International Social Philosophy Conference

Kevin GrahamKevin Graham, PhD, associate professor of philosophy, made a presentation entitled “A Lie Built on a Fraud Concealing a Bloodbath: The Covert Social Construction of Race in the United States” to the 36th International Social Philosophy Conference, which was sponsored by the North American Society for Social Philosophy at the University of San Francisco held July 11-13, 2019. This was the second peer-reviewed conference presentation to emerge from the collaborative undergraduate research project on the topic “Metaphysics of Race” that Graham led during spring semester 2018.

At the conference, Graham also presented a slate of nominees for positions on the executive committee of the North American Society for Social Philosophy at the annual meeting of the Society in his role as chair of the Society’s nominating committee. Dr. Graham previously served two terms on the executive committee during 1997-2011.