“Australia” Joe Ecklund: in Australia And On Campus

ecklund-2Joe Ecklund, PhD, is the RSP Advisor for Freshmen in the Global Scholars Program. As their advisor, he travels to Australia in July to help them transition to their abroad campus in their first semester as Creighton students. In addition to being an outstanding advisor to these students in Australia, “Australia” Joe manages something quite extraordinary. While physically located in Australia, he still manages to be seen all around campus!

Of course, it is physically impossible to be in two places at once. But “Australia” Joe’s colleagues in the EDGE decided that they would make sure that Ecklund was still a presence on campus. We miss him when he’s gone, so we made sure we would still see him - and others could see him, too!” Marianne Clark, the Administrative Assistant for the EDGE, had a picture of Joe printed and made into a large “hand fan” that has traveled to visit others all over campus.

Ecklund is such a committed Bluejay that he manages to be “present” even while physically absent. The EDGE is proud of the work he does with our Global Scholars and as head of Academic Success and EOP Programs. We are glad that “Australia” Joe is taking care of our students far, far away in Sydney - but we are also glad to have him still around in spirit!