New Classification of Periodontal Disease

Takanari Miyamoto, DDS, PhD, MSD, MBA, associate professor of the Department of Periodontology, class of 2020 dental student Shakeel Khan along with co-authors Takashi Kumagai, DDS and Michael Reddy, DMD, DMSc, published a paper on the Application of the 2017 New Classification of Periodontal Disease and Condition to Localized Aggressive Periodontics: Case Series with clinical advances in periodontics in the American Academy of Periodontology.

This case series illustrate the utilization of the new classification system of periodontal diseases and conditions. Highlighting how the assessment of the rate of progression of periodontal disease allows for the identification of individual patients, based on the evidence, who are more likely to require active periodontal treatment intervention to prevent onset of disease, need long‐term disease control and/or referral to a periodontist.

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