Recognizing Academic Service-Learning Faculty

The Office of Academic Service Learning would like to recognize Creighton faculty teaching academic service courses in spring 2019. This semester 26 academic service courses are offered in a wide variety of departments representing many of Creighton’s schools and colleges. Service-learning includes many kinds of experiences for the almost 250 students enrolled. Students in Journalism 341 Public Relations Writing are creating materials for Live Well Omaha, while students in Tom Purcell’s Accounting 343 assist in tax preparation for those in need, and students in the nursing capstone provide care in a local community health agency serving a marginalized population. Courses also involve a variety of community partners including Learning For All’s partnership with Advanced Spoken French, Graphic Design II students creating murals for Sacred Heart School, and Singing for Social Justice’s partnership with Opera Omaha.

The deadline for submitting courses to be designated as academic service learning in the fall of 2019 is March 25. Information about the course proposal process in the online submission form are available on the Office of Academic Service-Learning website.

Spring 2019 Academic Service-Learning Course Faculty

Colleen Baade, MUS 471 Singing for Social Justice

Olaf Bohlke, GER 468 Resistance Throughout German History

Jill Brown, PSY 428 Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology

Sherri Brown, THL 241 The Biblical Tradition: The Gospel in Service of Social Justice

Barb Dilly, ANT 316 Qualitative Methods In The Social Sciences

Margarita Dubocq, EDP 461 The Power of One: Poverty, Sustainable Development & Social Justice Discernment

Laura Finken, PSY 341 Infant And Child Development

Kelly Gould, CPD 412B Community Dentistry Field Experience Clinic

Martha Habash, IDC 320 Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Global Perspectives in Liberal Arts

Erin Johnston, FRN 411 Advanced Spoken French

Betni Kalk, GDE 381 Graphic Design II

Maya Khanna, PSY 341 Infant and Child Development

Erika Kirby, COM 490 Communication and Community

Brian Kokensparger, CSC 450 Data of/by/for the People

Amy Lane, THR 427 Theater for Social Justice

Maria Mena-Bohlke, SPN 313 Advanced Spanish Conversation

Margo Minnich and Lori Rusch, NUR 482 Care Management and Outcomes Improvement Capstone Practicum

Erica Moreno, SPN 330 Cuba and the U.S.: Revolution and Restitution

Amy Nelson, ART 401 Arts and Civic Engagement: Empty Bowls

Thomas Purcell, ACC 343 Federal Tax Accounting I

Kathleen Rettig, ENG 489 American Prisons: Punish or Reform

Alexander Roedlach, ANT 418 Healthcare, Society and Culture

Peggy Rupprecht, JRM 341 Public Relations Writing

Maria Teresa Vanderboegh, ITA 112 Beginning Italian for Daily Life II

Amy Wendling, PHL 426 The Carceral State: Police Violence, Adjudication, and Mass Incarceration

Carol Zuegner, JRM 327 Social Media