Eduroam: One Login, a World of Universities

On Oct. 19, Creighton University’s Division of Information Technology and Library Services launched a new wireless network option for the campus community. Eduroam, a worldwide system of wireless networks, allows faculty, staff and students to securely access the wireless networks at participating academic and research institutions. By logging in with your Blue credentials at any participating campus, you will have the ability to access the eduroam network, connecting you to networks of partner institutions.

Having the ability to log in to a secure network as if you were at your own university alleviates a great deal of hassle when attending conferences or researching at other institutions. In turn, providing an eduroam network offers this same convenience to counterparts from partner universities when they visit Creighton. To search for participating institutions, visit .

All Creighton students, faculty and staff have access to the eduroam network. While on the Creighton campus, select eduroam on your device and log in using your NetID email address (including the and Blue password. Your device is now connected to the eduroam network. When visiting a participating institution, simply select eduroam and your device will automatically connect.

Full details for eduroam at Creighton go to If you have questions or experience any difficulties, contact the myIT service desk at x 1111 or by email at [email protected].