Angela Batson

Angela Batson
Department: Cultural and Social Studies
Years of Service: 5
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Angela Batson, BA’04, isn’t one to sit by and watch. She’s one to stand up and help.

“I’ve always been passionate about helping other people,” Angela said. “I like doing things. I don’t like just talking about things.”

As the office coordinator for the Department of Cultural and Social Studies, Angela is the one “keeping the ball rolling.” Have a question about a logistical process? Ask Angela. Need to schedule courses for the next semester? Ask Angela.

She has a passion for higher education. Before joining Creighton’s staff, she was a member of its faculty as an adjunct professor in philosophy. Now, she enjoys learning and reading about education policy.

“Working at a university…it was a no brainer,” Angela said.

Not only is Angela taking an active role in higher education, she is also active in the community. In January 2015, Angela joined Camp Quality of Omaha, when a friend got her involved. Camp Quality is a national organization that provides a free week of camp for children with cancer. During the summer of 2016, Angela took on the role as executive director for the Omaha chapter, whose campsite is located in Guthrie Center, Iowa.

“Our mission is to ‘let kids be kids again.’ We are 100 percent community-driven and volunteer-run. No one pays to come to camp, and no one takes a paycheck for helping camp happen,” Angela said of Camp Quality.

Angela also serves on the steering committee for the Nebraska Victims Assistance Academy, which brings professionals from all over Nebraska to Creighton to learn about different resources when working with crime victims.

“It’s a really detailed, valuable experience for anyone working with any vulnerable person,” Angela said.

With the opportunity to work and volunteer in higher education, Creighton has once again become a home for Angela.

“It’s a lot of people doing things for other people and that’s a great environment for me,” Angela said.