Colleen Chiacchere

Department: Education, Magis Catholic Teacher Corps
Years of Service: 8
Hometown: Mt. Vernon, New York

One of your favorite things about Creighton: Creighton’s commitment to mission and the Ignatian heritage. I love how people around campus take it seriously and have ownership over it. Even though Creighton’s not perfect, there is a lot of good energy and effort around mission, both by new and veteran employees. I find it very inspiring!

What do you want the Creighton community to know about your department? Like many departments on campus, I believe we do a lot of good work with very limited resources. I work with some outstanding and inspiring educators who are former K-12 teachers, principals and counselors. Their dedication to their Creighton students and to the hundreds-year-old Jesuit tradition of educating teachers is remarkable.

In terms of Magis Catholic Teacher Corps, a graduate program within the Education Department, we are a small but mighty force for good in the world, too. Each year, we have 20-25 Creighton graduate students who simultaneously give two years of their life to live simply and grow spiritually while they are full-time Catholic school teachers throughout the Midwest. Working in this position is a combination of mentor, advisor, educator, parent, coach and formation director.

What is your favorite location at Creighton? St. John’s Church. I heard someone describe it as the heart of campus and that resonates with me. It’s a beautiful building, but it’s so often full of beautiful people and full of the Holy Spirit at work. The hammocks and trees around campus are pretty great, too.

Do you have pets? Yes, a delightful little Chihuahua terrier mix named Daisy.

Do you have children? Yes, Ignacia Grace is 3 years old and she was born on the Feast Day of St Ignatius (July 31) so my Jesuit-educated husband and I just had to name her after Ignatius. She recently became a big sister. Her little brother, Xavier Arrupe, was born on July 5. That’s probably my proudest moment, becoming a mom.

Colleen Chiacchere