January Session for Managers: Preparing for Difficult Conversations

This session is for managers at Creighton. There are many reasons a conversation may be difficult: you need to deliver bad news, someone keeps pushing your buttons or you know your values clash with the other person. Unfortunately, the reasons are unlimited. Rather than toss and turn all night or run the other way when you see the person approaching, plan to come to this workshop to discover how you are able to increase awareness of what you bring to the conversation and strategies you can develop for an effective conversation. You will learn how to prepare for a conversation and how to handle emotions in the heat of the moment. Register here for the Jan. 22 session from 10-11:30 a.m. in the Harper Center, room 3027.

Mary Lee Brock, assistant professor at Creighton’s Werner Institute, will facilitate the session. Brock teaches the theory and practice of mediation and facilitation.