Diabetes Risk Reduction Program Now Enrolling Participants

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to improve your health? Do you have diabetes? Since 2008, Creighton has offered the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program to employees to improve quality of life, decrease the onset of heart related diseases and decrease health care costs. In 2010 the Diabetes Risk Reduction Program was developed to meet the specific needs of diabetic participants.

The Diabetes Risk Reduction Program, a confidential and comprehensive care management program, is now enrolling 15 Creighton employees who have the diagnosis of Type I or Type II Diabetes. The employees must be enrolled in the University Healthcare Benefit Plan to be eligible for the program. Once enrolled, the participants can continue in the program for as long as they wish and will meet once a month with an ambulatist, to coordinate their health care needs, design and implement personalized lifestyle modification programs, and manage medications. Participants will be given a campus gym membership, a home blood pressure monitor, can participate in support group meetings and much more.

This program is free to employees and is valued at $2,188 per participant per year. More information about the program can be found here.

If you have an existing diagnosis of diabetes and would like to enroll, please contact Nicole Gillespie, PharmD, at [email protected] or 280.2797 by Wednesday, Jan. 11.