Save Energy: Submit Department Schedule

Facilities Management has completed their summer/winter building HVAC change over. The goal is to maintain 67 degrees F in office spaces, and living quarters, and 66 degrees F in meeting rooms, classrooms and laboratories during the winter season from October through April. We need your help to save energy. Please send your building operation schedules (when your department will be gone over the holiday break) to [email protected] by Friday, Dec. 9.

The holiday break will give cause for celebration and time off but will also be turning back the temperatures in the buildings to the holiday scheduled set point of 57 degrees F. We will also be lowering the temperatures for domestic hot water where we can. This request goes out every year and many respond but this year the University needs to use its energy even more carefully. The more spaces that can be at the holiday set point means more energy saved. Be a saver not a waster of resources.