Green Bag Lunch: Green Transportation

The Creighton University Sustainability Council’s Second “Green Bag” Lunch and Learn Series presents “Green Transportation: Be an Agent of Change” on Thursday, Nov. 17, 12:30-1:30 p.m., Creighton Center for Service and Justice (Harper Center 2067). Matt Martin, executive director of the Community Bike Project, and Daniel Lawse, Creighton grad and coordinator of sustainable practices at Metro Community College, will be the presenters.

“Green transportation” refers to sustainable ways of movement with a low impact on the environment. Walking, biking, public transit, and other forms of sustainable transportation reduce carbon emissions, promote community involvement, reduce economic costs, and encourage healthier lifestyles. Learn what members of the Omaha community are doing to make public transportation more accessible, biking more common, and state policies in support of cleaner air. Join the dialogue.

Bring a simple lunch if you would like. Drinks and dessert (fresh fruit & 7-layer bars!) provided.