Yuan Receives Prestigious Chinese Literary Award

Jinmei Yuan, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy, has been awarded the fourth Beijing Literature - Novellas award for her novella Village Luo Kan. The novella was originally published by People’s Literature (Beijing). It has been reprinted five times by a variety of major Chinese literary journals, and has received several other major Chinese literary awards, including: the fourth Contemporary Chinese Literature - Novellas award for 2007-2008; the seventh Maotai Cup People’s Literature Award - Novellas in 2009; and the Maotai Cup Top Rank Chinese Literature Award in 2010.

A two-time recipient of the prestigious Beijing Literature-Novellas award, Yuan also won the award in 2007 for her novella The Cultural Stain, which was published in the journal Chinese Writers (Beijing) in 2007. Yuan teaches Asian philosophy and logic in the Department of Philosophy. She is a scholar of comparative logic, Chinese philosophy, the philosophy of Asian literature and Zen Buddhism.


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