Fire Prevention Month Tips

October is Fire Prevention Month. Environmental Health and Safety would like to share the following fire safety tips:

  • Use the stairs to evacuate, not the elevator. You might become trapped in the elevator during a fire.
  • Don’t hang anything from a sprinkler head or the piping. You might accidentally set it off.
  • Don’t block the fire sprinkler head with furniture, curtains or tapestries.
  • Always evacuate for a fire alarm. You never know when it is a real fire.
  • A fire door that has been propped open is going to allow the fire and the smoke to spread away from the fire, putting a lot of other people in danger, possibly trapping and maybe killing them.
  • Check doors with the back of your hand before opening; if it is hot, go out your second way. If you can’t get out, call 2911 (on campus) or 911, and go to the window to wait for help.
  • Stay in the kitchen while cooking – always! Cook your dinner, not the kitchen.
  • Most fatal fires happen at night. Get up, get out, stay out when the alarms sounds.
  • Smoke inhalation is the most frequent cause of death in fires.