March 25 Professional Development: What is Your Unconscious Bias?

What is Your Unconscious Bias?

Creighton Cardiac Center Auditorium

Monday, March 25
2:30-4:30 p.m.

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Everyday Bias workshops are designed to inspire thoughtful reflection and open minds to different points of view, not to create guilt or place blame. We all have unconscious bias and it can play out in different ways at different times. The key is to begin to recognize when it might be at play and decide how you’re going to manage it. We’ll be discussing what unconscious bias is, how it happens, why we have it even if we don’t want to feel that way, and potential ways to mitigate our biases. Please plan to come with an open mind, ready for discussion in both large and small groups, and prepared to reflect.

What you can expect to gain by participating in this event:

  • Understand the science and research of unconscious bias
  • Identify how bias and the processes of the unconscious mind can impact critical decisions and results
  • Become aware of your own background, and its impact on your perceptions so you are better able to advocate for inclusion in your organization
  • Apply new strategies for practicing more conscious awareness individually and organizationally

Creighton Competencies you can expect to strengthen through your participation:

  • Communication, Mutual Respect and Professionalism
  • Continuous Development
  • Contribution to the Mission, Vision and values
  • Human Resource Management (leadership competency)
  • Leadership (leadership competency)

Event Facilitator:

Shavonne Washington-Krauth, is a Program Manager in the School of Medicine.  She has been with Creighton for twelve years and is a certified Everyday Bias workshop facilitator. Shavonne was born into an Air Force family in Okinawa, Japan.  She has lived in Japan, Nebraska, Michigan, South Dakota and New Mexico.  Higher education brought her back to Nebraska where she studies at UNL and UNO.  In her role as Program Manager, Shavonne has the opportunity to learn new things and help others with self-discovery.  Facilitating this course is particularly rewarding for her as the discussions tend to be rich and many participants will experience “aha” moments during the session.  Personally, Shavonne LOVES acting, particularly musical theater.  One little known fact about Shavonne is that she has a knack for picking up the accents of people around her when she listens intently.

Seats are limited to 16, so register today to reserve your spot!