HR Corner: Wellness Platform Quarterly Prize Drawing Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the Wellness platform quarterly prize drawing. Employees with at least 40,000 points by Sept. 30 were entered into the drawing.

  • Jeffrey Rockwell, Administration
  • Cindy Selig, College of Nursing
  • Kelsie Gurule, School of Medicine
  • Margaret Jergenson, School of Dentistry
  • Ryan Spangler, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Raneta Mack, School of Law
  • Joanne Kathman, Division of IT
  • Kimberly Stevens, Academic Administration
  • Kym Bauer, Student Life
  • Paul Price, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions
  • Alyssa Norman, University Relations
  • Molly Loesche, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mary Duda, Administration
  • Michael Philbin, Administration
  • Cortney Bauer, University Relations

The next quarterly drawing will be Dec. 31 for everyone with at least 60,000 points. Faculty and staff can see their points on the Wellness platform. To earn points, document workouts (either manually or by using a fitness device), sign up for a coaching call, read daily cards or complete a journey. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to win one of the grand prizes — massages, personal training packages, meal plan packages, gift cards and more.

To qualify, complete a health check survey and attend a wellness check at one of the Shoo the Flu clinics or complete your annual physical. Email questions to