Virgin Pulse Quarterly Prize Drawing Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our Virgin Pulse Quarterly Prize Drawing. All employees that had at least 25,000 points by June 30 were entered into the drawing.

The quarter 3 drawing will be September 30th for everyone with at least 40,000 points. Check out your points on the Virgin Pulse platform. Earn points daily by syncing your fitness device (or log your workouts), signing up for a coaching call, reading the daily cards, completing a Journey and more.

Congratulations to our winners:

• Matt Andersen, Information Technology

• Catherine Baker, Arts and Sciences

• Travis Bourret, Medicine

• Richard Darrell Jr., Enrollment Management

• Joel Destino, Arts and Sciences

• Joe Ducharme, UCOM

• Tina Fussell, Student Life

• Joely Goodman, Nursing

• Paul Hanna, Arts and Sciences

• Terry Lanphier, Dentistry

• Sandra Leighton, Arts and Sciences

• James Madden, Information Technology

• Megan Mankerian, Enrollment Management

• Sonja Owen-Wegner, Finance

• Jeanet Renaldi, Provost

• Chris Stanczak, Human Resources

• Jacqueline Williams, Nursing

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