The ‘Good Enough’ Place: Envisioning a Healthy Urban Habitat with Anthony Robins

Master of Public Health – National Public Health Week April 5-11

Monday, April 5
10-11 am (CDT)

Galvanizing Climate Justice with Anthony Robins, PhD

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The psychology of place suggests that specific attributes of place will affect human actions and interactions within their boundaries. A “good enough” place will facilitate healthy actions while a toxic place will act in the opposite manner. Robins will use this platform and framework to discuss and story tell climate justice as it impacts African Americans.

Robins is the chief diversity and inclusion officer (CDIO), associate professor of biology, and coordinator of diversity and inclusion initiatives (School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science) at Robert Morris University. His CDIO’s role broadly encompasses dynamic and evolving planning for diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives; research, data collection and analysis; developing/adapting university policies and initiatives in concert with existing knowledge, best-practices and laws; and serving as an internal and external boundary-spanner.

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