Spirit of St. Francis Sustainability Award

Emily Burke Recipient of the Spirit of St. Francis Sustainability Award

The Spirit of St. Francis Sustainability Award identifies and recognizes members of Creighton University who are engaged in making an impact on, and developing a culture of, campus sustainability efforts. On Oct. 6, at a special Feast of St. Francis (FOSF) discussion, Emily Burke (College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2021) was honored as the recipient of the 2020 Spirit of St. Francis Sustainability Award.

Adam Sundberg, PhD, chair of the FOSF Awards subcommittee, noted during the presentation of the award that, “Awardees are often recognized for some combination of the following contributions: promoting sustainable living and action, inspiring others to do the same, demonstrating and modeling leadership in sustainability and equity, engaging student involvement, creating connections on campus and in the community, and bringing about observable and measurable change to the University. Rarely has one awardee embodied, much less exemplified, all of these goals. Emily Burke is that rare member of the Creighton community.”

In one of the many letters of nomination for Burke, one supporter stated “there is no better way to describe Emily Burke than as the true manifestation of a servant leader.”