Important Update: 2020-2021 Faculty/Staff Parking Permits

With the uncertainty of the fall semester and the increase in remote work, all benefits-eligible employees who register for parking permits for 2020-2021 will be charged at the part-time rate during the fall semester, effective with payroll deductions on Sept. 1. This rate is 50% of the full-time rate. Pricing for non-benefits-eligible employees will not change because those rates already account for the amount of time working on campus. Changes to the rates for the spring semester will be assessed in December.

Until the interface is updated between the parking registration and payroll systems, it is possible that new registrants will receive confirmation emails with inaccurate rates. It is not necessary to report these errors. Public Safety, Information Technology and Human Resources will collaborate to update the rate tables prior to the first payroll deductions on Sept. 1.

Benefits-Eligible Employees: Cost per paycheck (Sept. – Dec. 2020)

Annual Pay

Full-Time Monthly

Full-Time Bi-Weekly

Part-Time Monthly

Part-Time Bi-Weekly

Less than $40,000

$37.50 $18.75

$18.75 $9.38




$40.83 $20.42

$20.42 $10.21



Greater than $80,000

$44.17 $22.09

$22.09 $11.04




$83.33 $41.67


Non-Benefits-Eligible Employees: Cost based on number of hours working on campus per week

  ≤ 16 hours per week 17-28 hours per week >28 hours per week
Per Semester




Per Year




Employees who are unsure whether they will work remotely or on-campus are encouraged to wait for more clarity before registering for parking.

Learn more about parking on campus. Questions about parking that are not addressed on our website may be sent to