June 22 COVID-19 Update

A laboratory safety checklist and disinfecting protocol have been developed for campus | COVID-19 signage being deployed | Requests for plexiglass shields | COVID-19 website updates | HR-related questions from campus

Laboratory Checklist, Disinfecting Protocol Posted Online

A COVID-19 safety checklist for principal investigators and other researchers who are preparing to open laboratory spaces and resume research activity on campus is available for download on Creighton’s COVID-19 website.

The checklist is adapted from guidelines developed by the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association.

Creighton’s laboratory disinfecting protocol also has been posted online.

COVID-19 Signage

COVID-19-related signage is being developed by University Communications and Marketing (UCOM) and placed in key locations across campus. As academic- and business-critical functions are approved for campus access, requests for additional signage can be made through UCOM’s project brief form (put “campus signage” in the project description). All requests will be reviewed by the vice president for Communications and Marketing and require approval by the unit dean or VP.

Plexiglass Shields

Facilities Management has plexiglass shields for use on campus. Priority will be given to classroom, laboratory and reception settings. As academic- and business-critical functions are approved for campus access, requests for plexiglass shields can be made through Facilities’ service request form. All requests will be reviewed by the associate vice president for Facilities and require approval by the unit dean or VP.

Campus Access Request Form

Requests to access campus for academic- or business-critical activities must be made through the COVID-19 Campus Access Request Form. Please allow time for the necessary approvals. Download directions for accessing and completing the form.

Remember Your Face Covering

All faculty, staff and students reporting to campus are required to wear face coverings in classrooms, laboratories and public spaces, both indoors and outdoors. See this document on how to make, wear and care for face coverings.

Website Updates

The fall 2020 campus reopening website has been launched, and information will be added as it becomes available. Also, check out Pandemic Perspectives – news, views and support related to the pandemic from Creighton’s outstanding faculty and staff.

Nebraska COVID-19 News
New directed health measures take effect today (June 22). More.

Questions from Campus

Q: How long will the employee furloughs last?

A: The furloughs were meant to be temporary. The University’s intention is to return employees to their roles as operations resume on campus.

Q: Can furloughed employees apply for open positions at Creighton?

A: Yes, furloughed employees are welcome to apply for open positions at Creighton.

Q: Has there been discussion about staff who do not work directly with students continuing to work from home to lower the number of people on campus?

A: Yes, to lessen campus density during the pandemic, Creighton will continue to offer work-from-home options based on job functions and responsibilities.

Q: I was thinking of taking a couple of online classes this year and would be using the tuition remission benefit. Would it financially help the University if I waited until the fiscal budget was more stable?

A: The tuition remission benefit is still being offered. If an employee wishes to participate in the benefit, they are encouraged to do so.

Q: What is the decision-making process for terminating nontenure faculty contracts?

A: This is determined by individual school/college deans.

Q: Is there a hiring freeze?

A: As Creighton President the Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ, PhD, noted in a previous message to campus, the University is holding on hiring for a majority of currently open positions not related to the furloughs.

All requests to hire benefit-eligible faculty and staff, temporary faculty and staff, agency temps/contractors and independent contractors must be reviewed by Finance and approved by the appropriate VP or dean, with final review and approval by the executive vice president and provost. Requests to hire student employees and graduate assistants must be approved by the appropriate VP or dean.

Q: Does the University anticipate a reduction in force?

A: There are no plans for a reduction in force.

Q: How will the pandemic impact promotion and tenure of faculty?

A: In March, Creighton Provost Tom Murray, PhD, announced a one-year extension of the tenure probationary period for pre-tenure faculty. This is an opt-in policy, and pre-tenure assistant professors are asked to notify their department chair and dean prior to the start of the fall 2020 semester if they intend to participate. Requests will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate dean and the provost.