A Litany for the Signs of Our Times

In our Catholic tradition, we continue basking in the bright glow of Pentecost when a fire was lit within the early Christian community and Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on his disciples.  In our current national cry for racial justice, we too are aware of the fire of passion and the sanctity of breath.  Fr. Hendrickson recently wrote in the Omaha World Herald, “We must do more each day to breathe life into the essential issues of truth, justice and human dignity, and the imbibing values of diversity and inclusivity, as we work to identify, name and end systemic racism.”

Join the AJCU family in witnessing and committing to work for racial justice through this litany that is an expression of prayer and lament (created by colleagues Julia Claire Santos and Carly Lynch at Santa Clara University):  https://medium.com/jesuit-educated/a-litany-for-the-signs-of-our-times-6ceb15930b01