Harper Center Renovation Updates — Nov. 6

Renovations in the Mike and Josie Harper Center continue.

Please note, there may be changes due to the construction schedule as renovations progress. Continue to watch Creighton Today for updates.

Upcoming Construction and News

  • Classroom layout configuration and technology design is in the final stages. Faculty office layouts, collaboration, meeting and huddle rooms are also in the final design stages.
  • Schematic drawings for Starbucks are in review.
  • Design continues for the new Creighton Bookstore location. The new atrium configuration for the bookstore has been framed and temporary walls have been installed.
  • Construction continues in the Career Center, Card Services and Enrollment Management.
  • Currently, the project is on schedule to move the Career Center and Card Services to their new locations, and Financial Aid back to its office suite the week of Thanksgiving.
  • The project is on schedule to move all but five offices of Enrollment Management into its new space over Christmas break. The temporary space for the remaining five offices will be Harper 2040 until spring break.
  • Work on the additional classrooms on the second floor will begin in early January 2020.

Previous Moves

  • July 26 — Card Services will be temporarily relocating from its location, Room 1094, on the first floor to Room 2067.
  • July 30— BrewJay will close its current location on the second floor. On Aug. 5, it will reopen in the front area of the Harper Dining Hall on the first floor.
  • The Creighton Bookstore is now located in the Murphy Building. It is scheduled to move back into the Harper Center over spring break 2020 on the lower level near the east entrance.
  • Student Counseling has located to the first floor of Markoe Hall, just west of the Vinardi Center (Old Gym), sharing space with the new Health Education and Compliance Office.
  • The Schlegel Center for Service and Justice (SCSJ) has moved to Becker Hall.
  • The Reservations Office has moved to Swanson Hall Room 124.
  • The east curbside drop-off lane  permanently closed with the beginning of construction. The east entrance remains open for pedestrian use.