Health Careers Opportunity Program is Hiring

Creighton University’s Pipeline to Success Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) allows students the opportunity to develop the skills required to successfully compete for, enter and ultimately, graduate from health professional school where, through programmatic activities/resources; access, education and training is provided to EACH student enrolled in the program.

Jumping right in, we are looking to hire instructors for our upcoming Structured Summer 2019 Session which is a structured, six-week program that provides a plethora of academic enrichment opportunities where students partake in classroom instruction focused on upper-level mathematics/science/reading/writing, standardized test preparation, clinical shadowing, field trips, etc. – sessions are to begin Monday, June 17 and end Friday, July 26.

The classroom instruction is geared to help students strengthen their foundation in subjects that will be integral to them as they pursue careers in the health sciences.  The courses will be 1 hour and 25 minutes per day, Monday through Thursday; where Fridays are reserved for workshops, guest speakers, etc.  The 1 hour and 25-minute class instruction time can be traditional lecture time, time for hands-on application of knowledge, group study and project creation, discussion, in-class work time and much more. Class sizes will be small to allow for more one-on-one time with students and a greater range of lesson possibilities.

ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT COURSES INCLUDE:  Algebra/Trigonometry (High School), Physics (High School), Chemistry (High School), Tools for Academic Success (High School) Academic Reading and Writing (High School), Psychology (Undergraduate), Biochemistry (Undergraduate), Physics (Undergraduate), Gross Anatomy (Undergraduate), General Chemistry (Undergraduate), Medical Terminology (Undergraduate), Genetics (Undergraduate), Cellular Biology (Undergraduate), Organic Chemistry (Undergraduate), Strategies for Academic Success (Undergraduate)

COMPENSATION:  $2000 (per course taught)

HOW TO APPLY:  Interested applicants may upload their resume, credentials, and supporting documentation at and stipulate which subject(s) they are interested in teaching.

E-mail or call 402.280.2312 with any questions or comments.