FedEx Services Update

There have been changes to Creighton’s FedEx account, including the elimination of an Express box on campus due to low use. Most departments using Express have their envelopes/packages to Mail and Central Receiving early.  If given to your mail carrier, or delivered to the service counter in Harper Center before 2:30 p.m., envelopes and packages leave campus the same day.  Should you miss the target drop-off time there are 10 nearby Express boxes.  Please use the link below to find a location/time that meets your needs.

FedEx Express Boxes < 1mile from campus



Also, many departments have pre-printed International Air Waybills or US Package Airbills in their offices.  These have an outdated account number printed on them.  Should you need our new account number please reach out to Mail and Central Receiving at 402-280-4700 or for help.  If you have any questions or concerns about either of these new FedEx processes, please reach out.