Creighton Faculty, Staff Help Make Giving Day a Success

On April 10, more than 3,000 individual donors gave gifts to dozens of areas on campus for Creighton’s second annual Giving Day.

Hundreds of those donors were Creighton faculty and staff, those Bluejays who see as clearly as anyone the ways in which giving benefits their own causes, programs and departments.

Bryan Holdcroft knows especially well how much donations, big and small, can help. He’s one of three buyers with Creighton’s Strategic Sourcing, a team that procures literally anything and everything for the University.

“We see everything,” he said. “Every day we are approving purchases, anything from $2.50 to $100,000. And you can really see the effects of that money that’s coming in on Giving Day. It goes to good use.”

Holdcroft himself gave to Creighton EDGE, a program that takes a holistic approach to academic advising. Holdcroft’s seen how the program has helped some of the student interns in his office, and he’s long wanted to show his appreciation. Giving Day was the perfect opportunity.

“Having a Giving Day reminds everybody that the University thrives off donations, especially some of these smaller programs that we have on campus,” he said. “Obviously, you can give year-round, but it’s nice to have a big campaign that says, ‘Hey, let’s set a goal and let’s reach it.’”

And set it and reach it we did — 3,208 individual donors gave more than $877,000. That’s about 500 more donors and $150,000 more in gifts than last year.

Those donors and their gifts were spread out across more than 80 campus causes. One of the first campaigns to reach its goal on Giving Day was the innovation fund for the Department of Journalism, Media and Computing, with more than 100 supporters giving a total of more than $5,000.

“People feel very connected to their departments,” said Carol Zuegner, BA’77, associate professor and department chair. “They might not want to write a big check, or a small check, to Creighton. But they love these programs or departments that they’re in. It’s a great opportunity to give back to something you loved when you were here. Our students really enjoy their time here and want to make sure that it keeps going.”