Parking Changes West of North Freeway

18-619_WestOfHWY75ParkingMap_FinalWith the closure of the Dental Clinic on July 6, there will be several changes to the parking plan west of the North Freeway.  NuStyle, the owner of the Atlas Apartments, had allowed the University to use most of the 30th Street Garage for the past year to accommodate our patients, faculty, staff and students, but with the opening of the Atlas Apartments, those agreements will change.

  • The top level of the 30th Street garage continues to be available to our patients until July 6.  After this date, this area will be returned to NuStyle for the use of their residents.
  • The second level of the 30th Street garage has already been returned to NuStyle for the use of their residents.
  • The University has leased Lot 3-1 (the bottom level of the 30th Street garage) for the next year.  After July 6, this lot will be available to any Creighton permit type.  After equipment is installed, card access will be required to enter the vehicle and pedestrian doors, bringing the security of this garage in line with our other campus garages.
  • Lot 98 will be available to any Creighton permit type.
  • Lot 87 (under the Bio-Information Center) will close after July 13 for re-striping.  Once completed, this lot will be reserved for patients and for handicapped faculty, staff or students with Creighton permits.
  • The University will continue to use up to 10 handicapped stalls on the north side of Webster Street for acute care dental patients until acute care moves to the new dental facility; after that, SPAHP will lease a small number of stalls on Webster Street for OT/PT patients.  All other stalls on Webster Street are owned by NuStyle and are unavailable for University parking.
  • The so-called “Fence Parking” along 28th Plaza will continue to be designated for faculty and staff, but will not be a separate permit type and will not be assigned to specific people.
  • Parking in Lot 7 continues to be reserved for Creighton faculty and staff permits only.
  • The University is also leasing about 75 parking stalls in the west end of Lot 6.  This area is delineated with concrete barriers.  Creighton affiliates parking here must have permits.  The process for visitors attending events in the Cardiac Center will be sent separately.