Jan. 22: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Taizé Service

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Taizé Service
Monday, Jan. 22
7 p.m.
St. John’s Church

The International Week of Prayer for Christian Unity happens every year between the feasts of St. Peter and St. Paul. In order to prepare for the annual celebration, ecumenical partners in a particular region are invited to produce a basic liturgical text on a biblical theme. This year’s text comes from churches in the Caribbean. An international editorial team of the World Council of Churches and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity refines the text to ensure that it can be prayed throughout the world, and to link it with the search for the visible unity of the Church. Leaders from Christian Churches in the Omaha area will gather at St. John’s to pray this text together. The service will include music from the ecumenical Taizé community. Join us to pray for unity at the beginning of the new year!