Interdisciplinary Team Presents Findings about Latino/a Experience in Catholic High School

The Rev. Tom Simonds, SJ, EdD, professor, and Carin Appleget, PhD, assistant professor, both in the Education Department at Creighton, and the Rev. Renzo Rosales, SJ, assistant professor of anthropology in the Cultural and Social Studies Department at Creighton, presented research findings to national leaders of Catholic schools.

Their presentation is an on-demand webinar that will be accessed by approximately 300 participants attending the Catholic School Leadership Summit both in-person in Salt Lake City, Utah, and virtually.

Fr. Simonds and his co-presenters shared insights from Latino students and parents about their feelings of welcome and inclusion within eight Catholic high schools in a United States diocese. Key findings shared included the need for schools to reimagine how to involve parents in the educational process, including having bilingual staff on board at the schools and developing home rooms for Latino students to touch base as they acclimate to a new school culture.