Call for Nominees: Distinguished Educator in Teaching as Scholarship Award

Distinguished Educator in Teaching as Scholarship Award

Application deadline extended: Oct. 30, 2020.

While Creighton has various teaching awards across campus, this all-University award recognizes excellence based on “evidence of effective teaching.” This University teaching award allows Creighton to model best practices in scholarly teaching, clearly communicates the valuing of teaching as our core enterprise and advance our efforts to be more competitive in state and national teaching award programs.

Annually, up to two recipients will be chosen for the award.  The recipients of the award must: hold a full-time faculty appointment at the university; must be at least at the rank of Associate Professor; and must show a consistent commitment to the teaching mission and objectives of the University and one’s primary appointed department. Eligible faculty should be nominated and submit a personal statement as well as their contributions to teaching and evidence of a body of work as an Educator Scholar.

Faculty are invited to self-nominate or recommend faculty for this University-wide teaching award, to be granted at the February 2021 Convocation.

The award application process is managed by the Teaching & Learning Center.